Risk Management

In a market of spread compression and ultra-competitive price offerings, banks, agency desks and retail brokers are continuing to see their margins shrink. Even with ‘right sizing’ and cost cutting efforts being made across the industry businesses are struggling to grow and revenue streams are eroding. We have a proven track record of increasing profitability with retail risk and believe that brokers need to adapt to the changing market conditions and maximize their profitability across all product types.

  • Offer full risk management capabilities 24/7 for all products
  • Experienced team of risk managers from the largest brokers across the world
  • Review profitability by product to ensure yield maximization
  • Analyze client flow and trading behavior
  • Provide overall performance review of current yields against market
  • Determine appropriate risk/reward profile
  • Review & Enhance sales/trading reporting tools
  • Review & Enhance technology/risk management tools