Company Background

With over 20+ years of experience in the foreign exchange & commodity markets, Brian W. Phillips and team are now bringing their experience from FXCM & Goldman Sachs to retail brokers directly. After spending a bulk of their careers at two of the most profitable sales and trading firms in their respective markets, Brian and team founded Argosy Global Advisors LLC to help bridge the gap for other market participants. They have seen the strength in building strong partnerships and their core business is identifying and fostering those partnerships to drive consistent growth and profitability.

Argosy Global Advisors LLC provides risk management services and liquidity consultation for retail brokers across the world. Our business strategy is directly linked to the profitability of our clients.  Our team is responsible for optimizing  yield across all products and actively work with our clients to help them add new products to their offering to help grow their global footprint.  We understand the competitive landscape in the retail market and our focus is to help improve your client’s execution and pricing experience to ensure you are a value added broker.